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 Minnesota Malpracticde Government of Lawyers, by Lawyers and for Lawyers must seize and desist.   
http://oversight.house.gov/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/DOJ-St-Paul.pdf  Sharon must challange
the Election of  Lillehaug for Case Fixingbringing the Judiciary disrepute.

Associate Justice - Supreme Court 3
Candidate NamePartyWebsiteFile Date
DAVID LILLEHAUGNonpartisanwww.justicelillehaug.org5/20/2014
MICHELLE L. MACDONALDNonpartisanmacdonaldforjustice.com5/28/2014

June 8, 2014
Way back in February of this year, this writer published part 1 of this 2 part series with the intent of publishing part 2 in a few days.
In the interim, several websites where this writer had published various evidence, proofs, and memorials of what had transpired were abruptly deleted from the internet, those responsible refused to provide this writer with copies of the data that had been published on those websites. Further, various acts of intimidation and hardship have been inflicted on this writer to dissuade him from writing part 2 of this article. And, it has taken this long for this writer to reestablish his resolve and reassemble the deleted data.

County Attorney  We do not need 87 County Attorneys Choi involved

as St.Paul City Attorney

  1. Magner v. Gallagher : SCOTUSblog

  1. Magner v. Gallagher ... 10-1032 · 8th Cir. Not Argud
  1. Fair housing case dismissed : SCOTUSblog

    1. Posted Fri, February 10th, 2012 2:27 pm

  • John J. Choi
    Campaign Address:P.O. Box 16141
    St Paul, MN 55116


    Attorney General
    Candidate NamePartyWebsiteFile Date
    BRANDAN BORGOSIndependencewww.borgosmn.com6/2/2014
    SHARON ANDERSONRepublicanwww.sharon4mnag.blogspot.com5/20/2014
    SCOTT NEWMANRepublicannewmanforattorneygeneral.com5/29/2014
    LORI SWANSONDemocratic-Farmer-Laborwww.loriswanson.com5/27/2014
    Attorney General
    Candidate NamePartyWebsiteFile Date
    ANDY DAWKINSGreen Partywww.dawkinsforag.com5/29/2014
    MARY O'CONNORLibertarian Party
    DAN R. VACEKLegal Marijuana Nowlegalcannabisnow.org6/3/2014
    BRANDAN BORGOSIndependencewww.borgosmn.com6/2/2014
    SHARON ANDERSONRepublicanwww.sharon4mnag.blogspot.com5/20/2014
    SCOTT NEWMANRepublicannewmanforattorneygeneral.com5/29/2014
    LORI SWANSONDemocratic-Farmer-Laborwww.loriswanson.com5/27/2014
    Candidate InformationFiling Date 5/20/2014
    NamePolitical Party
    Residence Address Campaign Address
    1058 SUMMIT AVE - PO BOX 4384
    ST. PAUL, MN 55104-038
    697 SURREY AVE
    ST. PAUL, MN 55106
    Candidate WebsitePhone Number
    www.sharon4mnag.blogspot.com(651) 7765835
    View Voluntary Disclosure http://candidates.sos.state.mn.us/CandidateFilingImageView.aspx?CandID=9374&FileTypeId=2Email
    Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State
    Revised 3/2014
    Federal and State candidates are invited to complete this form in whole or in part. Submit it through the filing officer or by sending it to the Secretary of State via email (
    elections.dept@state.mn.us) or mail:
    180 State Office Building, 100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55155-1299
    Information submitted on this form will be published on the Secretary of State’s web site. The Office of the Secretary of State does not edit the information submitted. Additional sheets will not be published.

    Candidate Information
    Candidate Name Sharon Anderson
    Office Sought State Attorney General
    Political Party or Principle Republican
    Address Legal Residence 1058 Summit Ave_PO Box 4384 Saint Paul,MN
    Preferred mailing address (if different)
    697 Surrey Ave St. Paul,MN 55106
    Telephone 651-776-5835
    Fax 651-776-5835 OUT ONLY
    Web site www.sharon4mnag.blogspot.com
    Occupation and Employer Retired
    Age Sexy7's
    Current Office Held na
    First Year Elected or Appointed na
    Previous Elected or Appointed Public Offices
    Endorsements Primarys are the Endorsement of the People
    Comments or Filing Statement (use this space only)The United States Attorney is the representative not of an ordinary party to a controversy, but of a sovereignty whose obligation to govern impartially is as compelling as its obligation to govern at all; and whose interest, therefore, in a criminal prosecution is not that it shall win a case, but that justice be done. As such he is in a peculiar and very definite sense the servant of the law, the twofold aim of which is that guilt shall not escape or innocence suffer. He may prosecute with earnestness and vigor -- indeed he should do so. But, while he may strike hard blows, he is not at liberty to strike foul ones. It is as much his duty to refrain from improper methods calculated to produce a wrongful conviction as it is to use every legitimate means to bring about a just one."
    -- Mr. Justice Sutherland in Berger v. United States, 295 U.S. 88 (1935)
    The mission of the United States Attorney's Office for the District of Minnesota is to ensure that we provide the United States of America with high quality and professional legal representation, maintaining the highest ethical standards and, at all times, pursuing justice. We are wholly committed to the promotion of the public good and the safety of our community. Within this broader mission, we recognize that our primary responsibilities include:
    * The prosecution of criminal offenses against the United States
    * The prosecution or defense for the government of civil actions, suits, or proceedings in which the United States is concerned; and,
    * Assisting communities within the District of Minnesota in appropriate community-building efforts designed to enhance public safety.

    How to Fight Judicial Corruption and Government Corruption -- A Step-by-Step Procedure

    Part 1 in this series is "Go in with Your Eyes Open."
    Part 2 in this series is "Fire Your Attorney."
    Part 3 in this series is "Establish a Support Network."Always abide by the Rules
    Part 4 in this series is "Know How Judges Commit Crimes."
    Part 5 in this series is "Document Everything -- Take Notes -- Put it in Writing."
    Part 6 in this series is "Always abide by the Rules."
    Part 7 in this series is "Prepare Everything Very Carefully."
    Part 8 in this series is "Get Your Facts and Evidence Together."
    Part 9 in this series is "Get Help from Others."
    Part 10 in this series is "Take Advantage of Every Opportunity to Generate Proof of Corruption."
    Part 11 in this series is "File Motions for Conferences and Hearings"
    Part 12 in this series is "Always have Witnesses at Hearings"
    Part 13 in this series is "Check the Orders in Your Case"
    Part 14 in this series is "Put your Proof on a Website"
    Part 15 in this series is "Appeal Early and Often"
    Part 16 in this series is "File Criminal Charges with the District Attorney and U.S. Attorney"
    Part 17 in this series is "File Motions for Recusal"

    I certify that the information provided on this form is true.
    Candidate Signature /s/

    Thursday, May 15, 2014



    Fax 651-228-9398

    From Sharon Anderson aka Scarrella Tel 651-776-5835 Fax out only

    By information and Belief



    Legal Notice to the State Health that to expidite the Med MJ that Sharon is now Legally Blind IN L Eye has Major and Severe Reactions from Eye Drops is registering online with Health Department, That for one year Dr. Eric Steffen has failed to assist Sharons Glaucoma and must Certify to the Health Department her alleged Glaucoma.Contacting the Board
    Main Telephone Number: 612-617-2130
    Fax Number: 612-617-2166
    MN Relay Service for Hearing Impaired: (800) 627-3529
    Toll Free Number (MN Complaints Only): (800) 657-3709

    Tues.8Apr.2014 The worst appointment with Steffen Sharon broke out with Shingles caused by Major Stress, Inflamed Pancreas from Negative Side effects of Eye Drops, Travaton,et al that go to the Brain, Metabolize in the Kidneys,Liver and Pancreas,

    Steffen has refused a Brain Scann, MRI or referral to another Doctor, Therefore the Expidited Process must be implemented immediately.

    Patients who want to use medical marijuana would have to be certified by a doctor, physician assistant or advanced practice nurse. After receiving a patient's application, the Minnesota Department of Health would enroll the patient in the registry program that would track the benefits of the marijuana use. Patients would pay a fee to help cover program costs. As part of participating in the program, patients would agree to continue treatment for their condition with their health care provider and agree to report on their health status. Manufacturers would be expected to supply medical marijuana products to patients by July 1, 2015. They would be required to contract with a laboratory to test the quality and consistency of the products.

    Department of Health

    Commissioner Dr. Edward Ehlinger
    Phone: (651) 201-5000
    Fax: (651) 201-4986
    TTY: (651) 297-5353

  • Subject: Check out Governor's Cabinet re Med MJ Sharons Glacuma
    Date: 5/16/2014 12:25:51 A.M. Central Daylight Time
    From: Send IM to: Sharon4AndersonSharon4Anderson@aol.com
    To: health.commissioner@state.mn.us, mark.dayton@state.mn.us, Send IM to: Sharon4Andersonsharon4anderson@aol.com, marcotty@startribune.com, jharper@cato.org, liberty@freedomoutpost.com, corruptcourts@gmail.com, cedwards@cato.org, watchdog@pioneerpress.com, Talktozig@aol.com, nancylazaryan@gmail.com, whistleblower@startribune.com, tom.lyden@foxtv.com, info1656.demandjustice@blogger.com, info@watchdogWire.com, ashvani_patil@yahoo.com, Send IM to: Sharon4AndersonSharon4Anderson@aol.com, kcirah@hotmail.com, harold@theminnesotawatchdog.com, leslie@earthprotector.org, jim.ragsdale@startribune.com, maggie@kaxe.org, info@truthtotell.org, californiaadam@yahoo.com, info@publicrecordmedia.com, lanizor@yahoo.com, tengland@myfreedomfoundation.org, dan.mcgrath@mnmajority.org, bloisolson@gmail.com, info@johnsonforgovernor.org, news@aitkinage.com, ddavis@forumcomm.com, debdiaz@yahoo.com, nobodies@att.net, schumacher@spnn.org, Dateline@NBCUNI.com, news@godfatherpolitics.com, fmelo@pioneerpress.com, talkback@commondreams.org, michelle4justice@hotmail.com, editor@eff.org, owings1064@hotmail.com, rcbarden@mac.com, jeff.davis@mnmajority.org, editor@alecexposed.org, news@politicaloutcast.com, tcglaw@gmail.com, nljnewsletter@alm.com, chris@twincitiesnewstalk.com, info@judicialwatch.org, williamwindsor@bellsouth.net, john.hultquist@house.mn, jason.barnett@theuptake.org, 123456xyz@gmail.com, adam.ulbrict@ranklincenterhg.org, tbreza@luminet.net, loakes@startribune.com, sally.olson@lcc.leg.mn, Jennifer@VOICESofConservativeWomen.org, hbh@resourcesentinel.org, tkinley@yahoo.com, newsmax@reply.newsmax.com, tsteward@watchdog.org, info@givemeliberty.org, info@cchfreedom.org, kirk@SilentNoMorePublications.com, anncoulter@email.humanevents.com, editor@communityreporter.org, FreedomLawSchool@yahoogroups.com, freedom@libertyalliance.com, kaardal@mklaw.com, jlund@myfreedomfoundation.org, watch@watchmn.org, johnziegler@sitenewsonline.com, speechlessmn@gmail.com, info@watchdog.org, tim@highesthill.com, contact@whistleblowers.org, pcastora@gmail.com, cwalsh@ij.org, support@patrickpretty.com, info@stopfbi.net, ericwblack@gmail.com, stop.unjust.judges@gmail.com, chris@minnesotagunrights.org, dmashak@aol.com, news@myvillager.com, a_democracy@yahoo.com, minnesotacrimewave@yahoo.com, enewsletters@medcitynews.com, tklatke@hotmail.com, twila@cchfreedom.org, listmanager@joemiller.info, msilva34@bloomberg.net, following@forbes.com, k_klein_ok@yahoo.com, arnie@arnierosner.com, info@leagle.com, dr.richard.cordero.esq@gmail.com, jon.roland@constitution.org, jvomhof@bizjournals.com, flycrowfly@yahoo.com, data.center@metc.state.mn.us, renee.richardson@brainerddispatch.com, a9696b@msn.com, commondreams@commondreams.org, newsmanager@foxnews.com, hoch29@hotmail.com, debramatheny@hotmail.com, james@saintpaulchamber.com, mami2fine2004@yahoo.com, westover4@gmail.com, pmolson@gmail.com, examiner@examineralerts.com, jack@twincitiesnewstalk.com, karen.bracken@reagan.com, jurist@pitt.edu, gm@veteranstoday.com, victoryusa@jail4judges.org, angelsadvocates@aol.com, ncppMN@Mail.com, alert@libertyaction.org, robertmerck@gmail.com, ron@narlo.org, sharia4law@aol.com, joe@centerforschoolchange.org, wcconewstips@wcco.com, info@allianceminnesota.org, sue@twincitiesnewstalk.com, dr_taitz@yahoo.com, COURTWATCHERS_OF_AMERICA@yahoogroups.com, whistleblower@judiciary-rep.senate.gov, droland@myfreedomfoundation.org, lawless411@gmail.com, haywood@civilrights.org, Dave@DGJeep.com, tim@affordablerentalsmilwaukee.com, isidoror@earthlink.net, morningreport@politicsinminnesota.com, ztillman@alm.com, nopoliticalrepression@gmail.com, talk@ktlkfm.com, bsalisbury@pioneerpress.com, info@freepress.net, jen.hobbs@ora.tv, bob@givemeliberty.org, bill4dahn@aol.com, tcglaw@liberty-lawyer.com, jennette@capitalcitybiz.com, amast@cato.org, newsletters@email.startribune.com, maritbrock@gmail.com, jacktomczak@gmail.com, ned808@comcast.net, richardfine@richardfinelaw.com, alert@lcaction.cc, LMM1R312C2@givemeliberty.org, laura.taken-holtze@house.mn, info@moveamericaforward.org, branesmasher@gmail.com, dayton.media@state.mn.us, juenke@msu.edu, acgr@comcast.net
    CC: attorney.general@state.mn.us, csnowbeck@pioneerpress.com, whistleblowers@startribune.com, info@amyklobuchar.com, medical.board@state.mn.us

    Friday, May 9, 2014

    Federal Government To Increase Its Supply Of Marijuana For Clinical Research

    Federal Government To Increase Its Supply Of Marijuana For Clinical Research

    Federal agencies are moving forward with plans to increase the US government’s production of research-grade cannabis.

    Last week, the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) publicly announced in the Federal Register that it is increasing its marijuana production quota from 21 kilograms to 650 kilograms (about 1,443 pounds) in order to meet increasing demand for the plant from clinical investigators.

    Federal regulations permit a farm at the University of Mississippi to cultivate set quantities of cannabis for use in federally approved clinical trials. Regulators at the DEA, the US Food and Drug Administration, PHS (Public Health Service), and the US National Institute on Drug Abuse must approve any clinical protocol seeking to study the plant’s effects in human subjects.

    On various occasions, marijuana reform advocates and researchers have publicly criticized NIDA for failing to approve proposed trials seeking to assess the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. However, in March, federal regulators finally signed off on a long-delayed clinical protocol from researchers at the University of Arizona College of Medicine to evaluate the use of cannabis its in war veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress. Also this spring, lawmakers in several states, including Alabama, Kentucky, and Wisconsin, passed legislation encouraging state-sponsored clinical trials to assess the therapeutic potential of cannabidiol – a nonpsychotropic organic component of cannabis – in the treatment of intractable epilepsy.

    “The additional supply [of cannabis] to be manufactured in 2014 is designed to meet the current and anticipated research efforts involving marijuana,” A NIDA spokesperson told TheHill.com. “[T]his projection of increased demand is due in part to the recent increased interest in the possible therapeutic uses of marijuana.”

    According to a keyword search using the terms ‘smoked marijuana’ on the clinicaltrials.gov website, eight trials are presently ongoing to evaluate the plant’s effects in humans. Two of these trials are assessing the plant’s potential therapeutic efficacy.


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