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Sharon Anderson Thanks Eric Lucero Erick Kaardal Sharon- the county canvassing board will meet on Friday, August 17 at 11:30am in the Plato Building. The members of the canvassing board are:

Chris Samuel Ramsey C
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Erick Kaardal shared a video.
37 mins
MUST WATCH VIDEO. Minnesota election judges at primary yesterday continue to harass MAGA voters.

Melanie Llewellyn is contacting Donald J. Trump with Bob Anderson and 4 others.
VIDEO: I was FORCED to remove my "Make America Great Again" headband before voting today because I support our President Donald J. Trump in Garrison Township, Minnesota. #MinnesotaBullies // #MAGA // #Trump2020 #PrimaryElections // #Censorship // #WTF #TurnMnRed // #RightNowMN // #StopTheSwamp // #KeepAmericaGreat

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To the Above Named Mon13Aug2018
                        No Matter who Wins Elections, We must make  Candidates, Officials Accountable.

Sharon Anderson

Sharon Anderson
Image of Sharon Anderson
Candidate, Attorney General of Minnesota
Elections and appointments
Next election
August 14, 2018

How will 2018 influence the direction of the Republican Party?
Get the important Democratic or Republican Party news from Ballotpedia this primary season, including elections for U.S. Senate & House, governor, and other statewide offices.
Sharon Anderson is a Republican candidate for attorney general 


As Minnesota voters head to the polls, allegations cloud two of the DFL's most prominent races

As Minnesota voters head to the polls, allegations cloud two of the DFL's most prominent races
Allegations against two DLF candidates in contested primaries for major statewide offices — Keith Ellison and Lori Swanson — became public after thousands of Minnesotans had already voted
                                                 COUNT I 18USC1961 RICO
 Affiant Candidate VA Widow state and allege that the AG's Office re Hatch,Swanson may have been complicit Acorn in the 2010 Video of Dr. Chris Barden 

                                      on Sharons Site's
FURTHER; Sharon alleges MNAG's Office complicit with DFL Chair Tom Perez and Keith Ellison USSC 10-1032
                      Major DFL Corruption re Fair Housing, Disparate Treatment,
                            Note Frank Steinhauser and his Lawyer John Shomaker did more for the Housing
                            of Blacks but for Circumvented by City St. Paul,Mayors,City Attorney, David Lillehaug,
                            given a DFL Justice in the Form of Fraud and Bribery, now a MN Supreme Court Mockery.
                                                COUNT II Libel with Mischief, Thanks to Kevin Featherly to partial print.
                            Sharons Fight for Sandra Grazzini Rucki and Dede Eavold and Debra Montgomery,
Wrongful Deaths or Murders in Dakota Co. Alice Krengel and Rev. MaryJane Duchene.

Quirky candidate Anderson’s run

Atop her list, Anderson wants somehow to revive Magner v. Gallagher, a St. Paul fair housing case that the U.S. Supreme Court accepted in 2011, but never heard because the parties agreed to a dismissal.
Anderson blames that outcome on the machinations of former assistant U.S. attorney general for civil rights, Tom Perez. Perez is now chair of the Democratic National Committee—where Ellison is deputy chair. So he is implicated, too. “I call them the Obama boys,” she said.

ning for AG—again 

                              Further Affiant sayeth not at this time,
Sharon Anderson
Image of Sharon Anderson
Candidate, Attorney General of Minnesota
Elections and appointments
Next election
August 14, 2018

How will 2018 influence the direction of the Republican Party?
Get the important Democratic or Republican Party news from Ballotpedia this primary season, including elections for U.S. Senate & House, governor, and other statewide offices.
Sharon Anderson is a Republican candidate for attorney general 

Thanks Tom 
The MN Ratification Centennial will be on September 8, 2019 - hope our State can make this a historical day to remember the effort it took to give women the right to vote. Respectfully,Tom Mortenson
Turing Point National Suffragist Memorial National Board Member - Minnesota.

Co-Chair Minnesota Suffrage Ratification Centennial Committee

National Women's Vote Trail Committee

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Sharon Anderson aka Scarrella 651-776-5835

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Remember the Minnesota legislature granted women the right to vote in presidential elections in 1919 and later that year, on September 8, it became the fifteenth state to ratify the 19th Amendment

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To: Sharons Disclaimer also Victim of Domestic Abuse years ago Request Endorsements be pulled
Please not our President Donald Trump has NEVER PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED AND WOMAN.

Monday, August 6, 2018

VAWidowSharon4MNAttorneyGeneral vs.LoriSwanson, LawyersBoard

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scrool to older posts Forensic
    Mon.6Aug2018  NEWS RELEASE
                      Sharon as a Candidate even tho not Winning, as Reduced to Poverty, Child taken, Propertys Taken, Cars,Trailer ,Water at all times Bills taxes were paid.

                   PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL BE KNOWN AS THE                             GREATEST HUMANITARIAN. 


LEGAL NOTICE: /s/ ECF_P165913Pacersa1299 telfx: 651-776-5835: HEALTHCARE  
 NEWS FLASH  When Sharon ran4President, her Domicile was Illegally taken, all Clothes,Furniture, at 1058 Summit Ave. St. Paul,MN When Takes were Paid. From her Cabin in 40 below Sharon wanted to Challenge Electoral College.

NameSharon Anderson
Address1058 Summit
St. Paul, Minnesota , United States
BornJanuary 27, 
ContributorThe Oncoming Storm
Last ModifedRBH
Nov 28, 2017 03:18am
TagsWidowed - Lutheran -
InfoSharon is a registered Gun Owner and
believes in the 2nd Con
                                     Congratulations to ALL CANDIDATES 4 OFFICE,
               However VA Widow Mrs. Sharon Anderson aka Peterson aka Scarrella hereinafter Sharon4mnag.  with over 100 Blogs, Forensic Files.

                     Re Penalty of Perjury the Office of MNAG
For years the AG;s Office has mislead the Public to believe that Lori Swanson, Mike Hatch  et al would assist the Citizenery re Consumer Complaints.
                        Sharon will Challenge Whatever Law the AG is stating, published on her Site. 
                         Filed Treason Charges vs. Muslin Keith Ellison with Lawyers Board,
                         Techinally the Board Director Susan Humiston, Deputy Tim Burke, accepted Jurisdiction then dismissed and refuse to investigate. or refer to Police,Sheriff,Co Attorney.
                         Please note Michelle MacDonald vs. Lawyers Board in US Supreme Court
                    also at
Attorneys for Petitioner
Michelle Lowney MacDonald Shimota
    Counsel of Record
MacDonald Law Firm, LLC
1069 South Robert Street
West St. Paul, MN 55118
Party name: Michelle Lowney MacDonald

Apr 17 2018Petition for a writ of certiorari filed. (Response due May 23, 2018)
PetitionAppendixCertificate of Word CountProof of Service
                         This Crap Shoot of Lawyers protecting Lawyers and Judges is Wrong.    
                     MUSLIN KEITH ELLISON IS NOT CURRENTLY LICENSED.Minnesota Capitol
                         Lori Swanson wilful neglience to prosecute Bad Judges, instead the AG,County Attorneys, City Attorneys defend
Criminal Conduct.  Wilful Neglience re Paren Patrie to assist the Common Persons, re Sandra Grazzini Rucki, DeDe Eavold and Affiant

                      Lori's repeated Pattern to ignore the Fraudulent Dismissal of USSC 10-1032

                  Wonder what kind of MNGUB would Lori be.

                         Hiring Outside Counsel re 3M Settlement

"That law firm earned $47,000 per day for seven years on that lawsuit," said Rep. Sarah Anderson, R-Plymouth. "They weren't an employee of the state. They weren't hired on an hourly fee, which is something the AG's office can already do. Instead, their payout was all based on a contingency fee arrangement. And if that doesn't concern you, it should."

Please note that our Office is not authorized under Minnesota law to provide legal advice to or act on behalf of private individuals or organizations in private, individual legal matters—such as preparing a will, defending against a criminal or driving charge, handling a child support matter or divorce, adjudicating a landlord-tenant problem, or filing a personal lawsuit.  If you need help finding a private attorney to represent you in such a matter, see our flyer Hiring an Attorney for information.
If it is more convenient for you to contact us by email, we ask that you be sure to include your name, mailing address, and phone number so that we may respond to you.  Please note that, because of our role as a legal and law enforcement office, we are not able to respond to emails by email; rather, our written responses are by United States mail (the most secure available method of response).  Our email address is:
Subject: Electronic Service Lori SwansonSharonvsMuslinKeithEllison and Lawyers Board 2018


                               Have to expose the Influx of Muslins and the Treason of Muslin Keith Ellison at War with the Office of President of the United States and Hon. Donald Trump personally,severally and as President. re Allah Quoran Sharia incompatible with Constitution, Oath and Religion.
         Please see attached Crim Complaints vs. Lawyer Board and Muslin Keith Ellison
              FURTHER has the Endorsement of Mayor Melvin Carter for Muslin Keith Ellison used to force Sharia Law on St. Paul Residents,
also Threaten, harrassment by Ed Smith DSI Inspector to Stalk Affiant Sharon to Steal yet another property without Valid Complaints signed off by City Attorney Lyndsey Olson?

Subject: Consumer Request Form | The Office of Attorney General Lori SwansonSharonvsMuslinKeithEllison and Lawyers Board 2018

                                 Sun.5Aug2018    Candidate
                      Affiant hereinafter Sharon Filed Complaint vs. Muslin Keith Ellison
                             The kicker of Lawyers Board is that they do not have Jurisdiction over Muslin Keith Ellison as he is not currently Licensed.
                             but for to allege Treason Muslin Keith Ellison at War with President Trump a Major Crime unabated by Government Officials is Bizzare.

Do not reply to this email.

Complainant Name, Address and Phone Numbers
Complainant 1:
Mrs. Sharon L Anderson
697 Surrey Ave
St.Paul, MN 55106

Home Phone: (651) 776-5835

Respondent Name, Address and Phone Number
Keith Ellison
1312 Broadwalk Ave
Mpls, MN 55411

Phone: (962) 529-6933

Additional Information
Relationship to Lawyer: Other

If you are someone other than the client, what is your connection to the lawyer?

Techinally Keith, Muslin since age 19 is using his Congressional Office and Candidate Office of AG to Act at War with President Donald Trump, and the Office of President of USA. contrary to Separation of Powers Doctrine. In Affiants Humble Opinion Keith is inciting Violence, committing Treason using his Lawyers License, also did Swanson and Keith acting with Perez using DFL TO DESTROY ENDORSEMENTS for their pecuniary gain?

Keiths Testimony he will not give up V DFL Chair, apparantly Complicit with Chair Tom Perez to Committ Fraud,Bribery, on the State of MN
                                 and USSC-10-1032 Titled Magner vs. Gallagher
                                    In early February 2012, Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez made a secret deal behind closed doors with St. Paul, Minnesota, Mayor Christopher Coleman and St. Paul’s
outside counsel, David Lillehaug
                                  . Perez agreed to commit the Department of Justice to declining
intervention in a False Claims Act qui tam complaint filed by whistleblower Fredrick Newell
against the City of St. Paul, as well as a second qui tam complaint pending against the City, in
exchange for the City’s commitment to withdraw its appeal in Magner v. Gallagher from the
Supreme Court,
                                    an appeal involving the validity of disparate impact claims under the Fair
Housing Act. Perez sought, facilitated, and consummated this deal because he feared that the
Court would find disparate impact unsupported by the text of the Fair Housing Act.
                                  Calling disparate impact theory the “lynchpin” of civil rights enforcement, Perez simply could not allow the Court to rule.
                                  Perez sought leverage to stop the City from pressing its appeal. His search led< br />him to David Lillehaug and then to Newell’s lawsuit against the City.
                                 Fredrick Newell, a minister and small-business owner in St. Paul, had spent almost a decade working to improve economic opportunities for low-income residents in his community.
                               In 2009, Newell filed a whistleblower lawsuit alleging that the City of St. Paul had received tens of millions of dollars of community development funds, including stimulus funding, by
improperly certifying its compliance with federal law.
                                 By November 2011, Newell had spent
over two years discussing his case with career attorneys in the Department of Housing and Urban
Development, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Minnesota, and the Civil Fraud Section within the
Justice Department’s Civil Division.
                                  These three entities, which had each invested a substantial
amount of time and resources into Newell’s case, regarded this as a strong case potentially worth
as much as $200 million for taxpayers and recommended that the federal government join the suit.
                                   These career attorneys even went so far as to prepare a formal memorandum recommending intervention, calling St. Paul’s actions a “particularly egregious example of false certifications.”
All this work was for naught. In late November 2011, Lillehaug made Perez

Are you submitting documents with this complaint?   No
Documents submitted by mail must be received within 7 days to be considered part of the complaint. If this Office does not receive accompanying documents, your complaint may be considered based solely on the information contained in this complaint form.

Dated:  7/9/2018

Additional information and documents must be mailed to:
Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility
1500 Landmark Towers
345 St. Peter Street
St. Paul, MN 55102
                       Affiant then filed with

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1974- Sharon joined the Divorce Reform, Inc. to expose Corrupt Judges_Sadly missed by next friend Sharon re: Dick Bullock et al., Appellants, v. State of Minnesota et al., Appellees - 611
Dick Bullock, former President of DRI, We countersued the Minnesota Bar for "Unauthorized Practice of Law". We ran for Supreme Court Justices found at Courts illegal denial as We were not "Licensed Lawyers.
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1974 Sharon joined DRI to expose Corrupt Judges_

Dick Bullock former President of DRI ie: Divorce Reform Inc., We countersued the Minnesota Bar for Bogus "Unauthorized Practice of Law" 1974 We ran for Supreme Court Justices found at

Rev. Bullock of the Church of Living Faith and Legal Foundation was Humanitarian,Civic/Politics Candidate (1978) DFL for US Senator against Hubert Humphrey, when humphrey was Dead, Bullock should have been next in line instead of Humphreys Widow Muriel Then Bullock ran for State Attorney General MN to enforce Separation of Powers