Wednesday, June 25, 2014

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Candidate Id:54383
First name:Sharon
Middle name:
Last name:Anderson
Address:1058 Summit Ave - Po Box 4384
City:St. Paul
Zip:55104  - 0384
City of residence:St. Paul
Date of Birth
Evening Phone:(651) 776-5835
Daytime Phone:(651) 776-5835
Campaign Official:
Campaign Official's Title:
Official's Phone:

Before the primary, you may update your endorsements by calling 612-673-7131 or emailing to The deadline is Friday, October 10.
Not seeking endorsements.
Sharon is not a Liar or Lawyer, dedicated to preserving Constitutional Republic ruled by law, concept that sovereignty resides in We the People,Sharon is the only Qualified Candidate, Minnesota Constitution Art. III Separation of Powers, Widow,1Daughter,7Grandkids,Whistleblower,Retired Realestate Entreprenuer.Consumer Advocate,Blogger,Medical MJ4Glaucoma
EssayIntegrity of elections under systematic assault Heinous Denial of Due Process by Judges,Lawyers, We do not need 87 County Attorneys Refusing to force states to clean their voter rolls of deceased voters; show photo ID Failing to enforce illegal immigration. Consumer Protection Abolish Committment Panel, Prosecute Fraud,Criminal Conduct OF Public Officials, who must pay for their own legal counsel, Justice Lillehaug for Case Fixing h

Eye Doctors Addicting YOU to Dangerous,Eye Drops compromising our Immune Systems, Death,Disabilitys, Disparagment of Health Care, Property Rights Disparagment of Titles unabated by Current AG. Disclosure Sharon is Blind in L EYE
Submitted at:06/25/2014 06:59 PM

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Development & Approval Process (Drugs) FDA and Marijuana

Development & Approval Process (Drugs) FDA and Marijuana

Today, the FDA released a Web page, FDA and Marijuana, that provides information on how marijuana is currently regulated for medical use. The Web page will be updated as new information becomes available. Click the link below for more information (from the US Food and Drug Administration)


Sharon Anderson 34 mins  ·  Too many Laws,Lawyers who misrepresent their Oath of Office, wilfully fail to addres...