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Board of Optometry > Home To the Above Named: On or about Apr22nd2012
Affiant Signature below ie: Sharon Anderson filed Charges against Diane Tanube MD
Lufkin Clinic
QUESTION: After 1 year, what is the Status of Sharon Anderson's Complaint vs. Diane Tanube, and if Closed, MUST be REOPENED. Was Laser SLT necessary irreparable Harm, resulting in Blindness, Ringing in Ears,_ Brain Cells destroyed?_ Constitutionality of Cost of Eye Drops, Affiant in her then 73 years never took Eye Drops, No History of Glacoma, THEREFORE: Has Diane Tanube apparantly a Single Woman, Single Practictioner, Medical Neglience re: Victim Relator Sharon Anderson, created Glacoma when none existed.? OverRide the Cataract Diagnois of Dr. Tom Rice?
Affiant_Victim has viewed Eye Video[s at Various Clinic

Affiant has come full Circle with now the 7th Appointment with 7 Different Eye Doc's.

In all Medicare Billings, Reports, Letter of Referral's Forensic Files re:


"If any individual licensed under this chapter...believes that a violation of any provision of this chapter (i.e., the Medical Practice Act) has occurred, the individual ...shall report to the Board the information upon which the belief is based. This division does not require any person or organization that is a treatment provider approved by the Board...or any employee, agent, or representative of such a provider to make reports with respect to a practitioner participating in treatment or aftercare so long as the practitioner maintains participation in accordance with the requirements of section 4731.25 of the Revised Code (impaired practitioner treatment), and so long as the...individual has no reason to believe that the practitioner has violated any provision of this chapter...or any rule of the Board other than the provisions of division (B)(26) of section 4731.22 of the Revised Code (impairment of ability to practice because of habitual or excessive use or abuse of drugs, alcohol, or other substances that impair ability to practice). ORC § 4731.224 (B)

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Minnesota Statutes 148.52 - 148.62 and Minnesota Rules, chapter 6500 provide the Minnesota Board of Optometry authority to act as the licensure agency for ...

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To Whom it may Concern: Re: Sharon Anderson's Eye Issues:

Contacting the Board re: Gregory Snyder,M.D.,DAB et ak
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