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Published on Nov 25, 2012 Family Court Corruption - Bill Windsor of Lawless America and Carver County Minnesota Victims.

Lea Sage Banken, Bonnie Roy, and Anne Jeske joined Bill Windsor outside the Carver County INjustice Center.

Lawless America...The Movie is all about exposing the fact that we now live in Lawless America. We no longer have laws that are enforced because judges do whatever they want to do. America has also become lawless because government officials are dishonest and/or corrupt.

The movie will expose corruption in every state. The Movie will focus on victims. Corrupt judges and corrupt government officials will be exposed, and we will confront a number of the crooks.

If anyone has ever questioned the story of a person who has expressed the view that they were a victim of the government or of judges, this movie will prove that the odds are that the corruption report was true. In fact, there are probably tens of millions of victims in the United States who never realize…

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                                         Thurs.20Dec2012                             MERRY CHRISTMAS_MINNESOTA MOTHERS LOVE                                             Please assist to Protect our Familys "Parens Patriae"                                     Note to Windsor4Wisdom et al Happy Holidays As Nobodies, Victims and Documentary Members of                                    Further Note   MN Attorney General Lori Swanson  Candidates et al                              Rough Draft to have the Attorney Generals indict Judges for Judicial Malpractice, exceeding  the AG's Authority of Parens Patriae,?  Forensic Files                                   40 years ago DFL MNAG Warren Spannus used undue influence to Take my Daughter Vonessa Scarrella aka Cleveland aka Florentine, giving Custody il…