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St.PaulMayoral Debate: Oh God,ComplicityTomPerez ChrisColeman

Saint Paul Mayoral Debate: Oh God, you didn't just say that! | Up and At ’Em with Jack and Ben

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To expose High Crimes,Misdemeanors of Chris Coleman, taking a Dive and Bribe to Case Fix in the Magner Case USSC 10-1032 Executive Summary * * * AsstAGThomas E.Perez made a secret deal behing closed doors with Chris Coleman Mayor Reply · 1 · Unlike
                     Question  Will Tom Perez take or make another Dirty Deal in the MT HOLLY CASE TO BE HEARD DEC.4 2013 undermining Disparate Impact Treatment re Magner USSC 10-1032                            Has MN AG  Lori Swanson willfully failed to Address.
Mount Holly v. Mt. Holly Gardens Citizens in Action, Inc. Docket No.Op. BelowArgumentOpinionVoteAuthorTerm11-15073d Cir. Dec 4, 2013 TBD TBDTBDOT 2013 Issue: Whether disparate impac…