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Debra Jean Matheny Prosecutor misconduct takes many forms, including charging a suspect with more crimes than warranted, concealing evidence, coercing witnesses, and making misleading statements to the jury.

Unethical prosecutors know that judges seldom report the misconduct to state bar associations, and even when they do, sanctions are imposed in only 1-2% of cases, the report reveals. PR: Prosecutor Misconduct is Widespread, Extends to Highest Levels of Criminal Justice System,... PRESS RELEASE Contact: Teri Stoddard Telephone: 301-801-0608 Email: Prosecutor Misconduct is Widespread, Extends to High Like · · · Yesterday at 8:17am ·
View 2 more comments Debra Jean MathenyThis misconduct encompasses The MN. AG's office as well. Lori Swanson, also one of the first requested to initiate an investigation addressing my allegations of corruption in District 6, St. Louis County, Hibbing, MN~2009