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Eye_of_Sharon_Complaint vs.DianeTanubeMD_Optometrist_LufkinClinic

Mon.15Apr.2013 FOIA DEMAND4 RECORDS Board of Optometry > Home To the Above Named: On or about Apr22nd2012 Affiant Signature below ie: Sharon Anderson filed Charges against Diane Tanube MD  of Lufkin Clinic QUESTION: After 1 year, what is the Status of Sharon Anderson's Complaint vs. Diane Tanube, and if Closed, MUST be REOPENED. Was Laser SLT necessary irreparable Harm, resulting in Blindness, Ringing in Ears,_ Brain Cells destroyed?_ Constitutionality of Cost of Eye Drops, Affiant in her then 73 years never took Eye Drops, No History of Glacoma, THEREFORE: Has Diane Tanube apparantly a Single Woman, Single Practictioner, Medical Neglience re: Victim Relator Sharon Anderson, created Glacoma when none existed.? OverRide the Cataract Diagnois of Dr. Tom Rice? Affiant_Victim has viewed Eye Video[s at Various Clinic…