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Donald Trump entrance at the South Point in Las Vegas, Nevada



On the Graves of our Heritage We the People must Rise up and take back our Government  WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER LAWYER IN THE WHITE HOUSE 

Click here: Sharon4AttorneyGeneral                                 State of Minnesota           Office of Governor   Legislature  PoPartys           Mrs. Sharon Anderson                         PETITION FOR                     Petitioner,Relator               CONSTITUTIONAL                                                               CAUCUS VALIDITY MN STATEMENT OF FACTS Petitioner Mrs. Sharon Anderson aka Peterson- Scarrella Citizen of Minnesota at Legal Residence of 1058 Summit Ave. St. Paul,MN 55104-0384 makes this Petition if Good Faith and to Challenge the Electoral College  petition under Construction  Affiant supports Donald Trump's Love in.                     TO Hon.Mark Dayton,     Hon. Kurt Daudt Hon.Sandra Pappas Partys                            …

Fraud Case Against Trump University Moves Forward