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Entrepreneur’s drug database brings healthcare big data to the ordinary person | MedCity News
Entrepreneur’s drug database brings healthcare big data to the ordinary personAugust 22, 2013 9:24 am by | 0 Comments MedCity News The healthcare industry has created more than 50 petabytes of data, but much of it never reaches the people who could benefit most from it. Former healthcare consultant Johnson Chen wanted to find a way to bring all of the useful, publicly available data from clinical drug trials to consumers who are taking those medications.
So he founded eHealthMe, a site that claims to have mined outcomes data on more than 45,000 drugs, vitamins and supplements. It’s put that into a database and created an algorithm that matches users with drug side effects or interactions reported by other people like them.
The company’s personalized symptom checker crunches a user’s information and produces a personalized report based on the data it’s collected from published re…


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